No Deposit Bonus Forex 2020

Who has never wanted to trade forex for free and without the risk of losing money?

The appearance of online forex brokers, the internet offers the possibility to take advantage of bonuses without deposit for your registration. You can register for free on a forex Broker, without depositing money, and trade with a small amount offered for free by the Broker.


What is a Free No Deposit Bonus Forex?

No deposit bonus forex is a kind of bonus that allow you to start trading on Forex for free, without having credited your account first.

Forex without a deposit is an excellent opportunity for those who want to get started in Forex but don’t have the necessary resources. This type of forex bonus is credited to clients’ accounts after going through straightforward procedures. It is an ideal solution to start and learn how to trade without losing your money.

Now, let’s discover the list of online forex brokers with no deposit bonus promotion for its new traders.

New Forex No Deposit Bonus (January 2021)

1. FBS No Deposit Bonus

fbs no deposit bonus forexThis company gives the possibility to start trading for free without any personal contribution, getting this free forex bonus is the easiest among the brokers presented here.

The no deposit bonus forex $100 will be credited to your account as soon as you complete the opening procedure, which is, in turn, very easy.

This broker is one of the many that allows you to get the bonus without any additional action, so it is a real free forex bonus that exempts you from any response.

For more info, visit the page “Promotions.”

2. FXOPEN No Deposit Bonus

fx open no deposit bonus forexSee, this broker is a real master of his business. He offers a wide range of services related to online trading forex. It has several trading platforms for forex, shares, futures, options, etc.

Not long ago, the broker has made available bonus forex no deposit. And of course, it gives the possibility to start trading to anyone, even to those who don’t have the required resources thanks to his account with “welcome bonus.”

This free trading bonus has all the properties of a regular account except that from the moment of opening, you receive forex no deposit bonus of 10 USD, no action on your part. This is a gift, considering the possibility of withdrawing the funds at any time.

3. ROBOFOREX Free Welcome Bonus

roboforex no deposit bonus forexNot long ago, this forex broker put online an exceptional promotion “free forex bonus 30”. As soon as you have opened a micro account of the category “fix cent” or “pro cent,” you have to go through a simple procedure, the trader will receive a bonus of 30 USD on his real trading account.

To get this advantage, you need to open a real account “fix cent” or “pro cent” through a straightforward procedure.

The undisputed advantage of this no-deposit forex bonus is the possibility to withdraw it at any time. For more information, visit the official website.

4. INSTAFOREX No Deposit Bonus

instaforex no deposit bonus forexGet a free bonus of 1500 USD when you open a real account, no deposit required!

The most cashable forex no deposit bonus in the list, thanks to a bigger one when comparing with other bonuses. At this no deposit forex broker, it makes sense, easy to get, and can be used for all financial instruments.

Among the brokers presented in the list, the advantage at him – the sum of the bonus is more significant than others, and it is a chance to start trading without personal contribution.

5. NPBFX Free Forex Welcome Bonus

npbfx free welcome bonusThe 20 USD forex bonus awaits those who will take some straightforward steps: you need to register and confirm your phone number.

So to get this advantage and start trading for free and without delay on a real account, fill out a straightforward form and follow the simple instructions on the page.

6. FORT FS No Deposit Bonus

fort fs free welcome bonusAs soon as you open an account, you will receive a bonus of 35 USD. So, be careful when registering and choose the type that suits you best and is valid for this promotion.

This forex bonus is available for all traders without exception.

It’s a quicker way to get started in forex because it doesn’t require any action.

Free trading on a live account makes no difference between trading with a real account with a deposit of funds made before and trading with offered funds.

7. GRAND CAPITAL No Deposit Bonus

grand capital free welcome bonus forexAnother broker on the list of brokers who have the free forex bonus.

The “forex bonus” or simply the free forex bonus will be credited to your real account after a simple step.

You need to open a trading account via a dedicated page to take advantage of this offer ($500 bonus): your account will have all the properties of a standard account.

This procedure is not lengthy, so it’s worth this bonus.

This promotion is valid for all new accounts; however, it is common among traders who are new to Forex. While free trading allows you to test a platform in real mode, it also allows you to check your emotional state against your gains and losses.

For more information, visit the official website of this broker.

Apart from forex no deposit bonus 2020, most brokers in this list offer other types of promotions as the first deposit bonus.

Free forex can have a mental utility, i.e., a trader can practice managing his emotions without risking his capital.

Forex without making a deposit every day is becoming more and more common, opening up new opportunities for online forex trading for people who have no resources to invest in this market and not that. No deposit forex also allows you to test a trading system or strategy under a real account under trading conditions.

It should be noted that this type of promotion is the most popular among all the others, and thousands of new traders take advantage of it every day.

From a technical point of view, free trading occurs on a real account, so everything is real!

If you want to get a forex no deposit bonus, all you have to do is choose a broker and follow the corresponding instructions.

Free Forex is a trend in this industry at the moment, so free bonuses are still very much in demand among beginner traders and not only, as it is a common way to fund your real account.

There are quite a few successful traders who have started trading in Forex without making an initial deposit, as it is well known that the profitability level doesn’t depend on the amount of money initially invested, hence the popularity of free forex bonus.

Why and how to trade Forex with Free Welcome Bonus?

You probably already knew that all individuals could trade on Forex autonomously and straightforwardly from a simple internet connection, without even having to leave your home.

Did you know that some brokers offer you the possibility to trade on the main currencies without having to make the first deposit on your trading account? This is a reality that we will explain in detail here.

It is well known that trading on the exchange rates of the major currencies has a definite advantage. However, you should have a minimum amount of experience before trading and hope to make money without taking too many risks.

Being able to trade on the foreign exchange market “for free” therefore allows you to become familiar with online trading and test different methods and strategies before you bet your own money.

The problem is that until recently, Forex brokers required their clients to make a minimum first deposit before they could access the trading platform and thus start trading.

This is no longer the case today as two solutions allow you to start trading Forex without making an initial deposit. There are two different offers, one consisting of a free demo account, and the other one consisting of a bonus offered without depositing your part.

Let’s find out more about these two opportunities together.

1. Free demo accounts

This is undoubtedly the most widely proposed solution by brokers, the vast majority of whom have this type of account. The principle of these “fictitious” accounts is simple since it is a question of putting you in real trading conditions by providing you with a virtual sum of money with which you can trade live on the foreign exchange market.

Everything happens as if you were trading, speculating on the real values of the currencies and in actual market conditions. The only difference is, of course, that your profits and losses remain virtual, so you can neither make nor lose money.

The main advantage of demo trading accounts is that they allow you to gradually get to grips with the Broker’s platform before you start trading with your money. On the other hand, since the fictitious amounts available to you are quite large, you can test several different strategies to determine your trading rules and learn how to become a real trader.

2. Forex bonuses without an initial deposit

While demo accounts have been around for a long time, some brokers have started offering welcome bonuses to the public without requiring any prior deposit. These bonuses are minimal and vary from $5 to $100 depending on the Broker, but still, allow you to start trading and why not make a profit without risking losing money.

To take advantage of these free bonuses, you must first register with your Broker by filling in all your details. It is also advisable to pay attention to the conditions of use and withdrawal of this bonus since some of these offers hide a technique to make you invest money.

For more transparency, consult other traders who have taken advantage of this offer and ask their opinion on the conditions of obtaining, using, and withdrawing them.

Although few brokers offer this solution at the moment, these offers should multiply in the future.